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Accurate CreditTM Rapid Rescore Service

When time is of the essence, our rapid rescore service will help your borrowers quickly correct errors on credit reports at the repository level, allowing for a score recalculation in as little as 72 hours.

Working with you, our experienced customer service group submits verified information to all three credit bureaus for correction. Priced per bureau/per tradeline, you can make the corrections that are most likely to improve your borrower's score to close the loan. Not sure whether the rapid rescore correction will improve the score? Order a CreditXpert® report or dial 800-600-2510 ext.5407 to speak with one of our rescoring experts. While no correction can be guaranteed to raise a score, you'll get sound advice that has helped thousands of borrowers get the loan they desired.

Accurate Credit costs $30 per tradeline, per bureau. This "a la carte" pricing lets you pinpoint the tradelines and bureaus to correct without paying for corrections that are not needed. For example, to correct a Sears account tradeline at Equifax, Experian & TransUnion would cost a total of $90.

Click here for ordering requirements on the Accurate Credit service.

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