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Advantage Online

Fast, reliable, easy. With Advantage Online, all your origination tasks are more productive. Ordering, viewing, searching and printing, as well as sharing data with your favorite loan origination software, takes a few clicks.

Most brokers need no training whatsoever—perfect for small brokerages but also highly efficient for large financial institutions or branch networks. With a median delivery time of 15 seconds, you can speed through prequalifying and the entire application process like never before.

You'll also find more convenient tradeline updates and customer service request functions. Enjoy simple online account administration, including the ability to add and delete users yourself; set passwords and permissions, and limit individual users' access to various products and services. You can group all transactions associated with a borrower for easier billing, and even make payments in one step with your borrower's credit card.

Here are additional step savers you'll enjoy with Advantage Online:

  • See your recent reports immediately after logging in
  • One click to key data points—scores, tradelines, service requests & status
  • Order & print reports one at a time or in batches
  • Remove borrowers and/or bureaus with one click
  • Customize your report format to your preferences
  • Order service requests on multiple tradelines at once
  • Print invoices from your desktop
  • Use the same easy system to order flood certifications, AVMs, CreditXpert & other origination products

These are just a few of the time and trouble saving features of Advantage Online. Take a closer look now at our short system demonstration!


Supported loan origination software systems

Advantage Credit instantly interfaces with all major loan origination software systems in use today, as well as many smaller systems. In fact, Advantage Online can be used with any loan origination software program written in MBA86 or X12-compatible format to share and auto populate credit data fast. For more information, visit our Advantage Online Partners page.

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