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Credit AssureTM scans every file so you don’t have to.

Quickly Improve Credit Scores

Demonstration of Credit Assure - Credit score improvement product from CreditXpert With Credit Assure, you immediately see the potential credit score improvement for your applicants on the cover page of every credit file. This new service automatically examines every credit report using CreditXpert advanced technology so that no opportunities are missed.

Credit Assure:

  • Presents the best result for each borrower and each bureau
  • Checks for accuracy and credit maximization opportunities
  • Directs you to the right CreditXpert product to achieve desired results

Close 30% More Loans!

With Credit Assure, you get the results upfront. With that knowledge in hand you can: approve more applicants, offer better terms and close more loans.

Sign Up to Start Using Credit Assure Today!


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