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Detect Inaccurate Credit Report Data with CreditXpert Detective

Solutions for Inaccurate Credit Report Information

Don't Lose Another Closing
Due to an Inaccurate Credit Report

CreditXpert DetectiveTM can help by identifying wrong information in credit files which artificially lowers your applicants’ credit scores.

Unmask True Scores

CreditXpert DetectiveTM is advanced analysis software that automatically identifies opportunities to improve credit scores by updating incorrect, missing and outdated information and displays the potential score improvement results.

All actions identified require no cash outlay from your applicants.

Take the Best Steps

The easiest way to help your applicants is to correct an inaccurate credit report. Using CreditXpert Detective you will be able to:
  • Scrutinize the information within a single credit report
  • Compare the information to any available credit reports from the other bureaus
  • Provide detailed information about how to initiate a dispute with credit bureaus
With CreditXpert Detective, no stone is left unturned.

Sign Up to start using CreditXpert DetectiveTM today!
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