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CreditXpert Essentials Credit Scoring Analysis Screenshot
Demonstration of CreditXpert Essentials Credit Score Improvement Tool

CreditXpert EssentialsTM -
Instantly analyze and optimize mortgage credit scores.

Featuring consumer-friendly content and the most personalized insights available, CreditXpert EssentialsTM determines the best actions to take to maximize an applicant's credit scores, so you know what to look for and what to do.

Get the best bang for your buck

Use CreditXpert Essentials to find the most cost-effective way to achieve a particular score increase, or the maximum score increase for a given amount of cash.

Know the score

CreditXpert Essentials provides a detailed analysis that breaks down an applicant's credit and identifies the top positive and negative factors, as well as their related tradelines. Armed with this information, you can focus on what is important and avoid disrupting what is already working.

Become the Trusted Advisor

With CreditXpert Essentials, you can take a consultative role, helping applicants to identify the best actions to get them the best loans. This tool finds the most cost-effective actions your applicants can take to:
  • Achieve a specified score increase
  • Obtain the maximum score increase for a given amount of available cash
  • Implement actions such as paying down debt, transferring balances and opening or closing accounts

Close 30% More Loans!

With CreditXpert Essentials you will approve more applicants, offer better terms and close more loans.

Sign Up to start using CreditXpert EssentialsTM today!

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