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Close 30% More Loans

The CreditXpert® Solution Suite enables you to capture every opportunity and maximize your applicants’ score improvement potential.

Credit Assure Scans Each Credit Report for Potential Ways to Raise Credit Scores

Credit AssureTM

  • Scans each file so you don’t have to
  • Automatically examines every credit report using CreditXpert advanced technology
  • Provides you the potential score improvement on the cover page of the credit report
More information on how to raise credit scores with Credit AssureTM >

CreditXpert Detective Finds and Reports Inaccurate Credit Report Information

CreditXpert DetectiveTM

  • Identifies inaccurate credit report information, as well as missing and outdated information
  • Displays the potential score improvement results
  • Provides detailed information on disputing credit report inaccuracies with the bureaus
More info on inaccurate credit reports and Credit DetectiveTM >

CreditXpert Essentials Pinpoints The Right Combination of Actions to Improve Credit Score Fast

CreditXpert EssentialsTM

  • Identifies the best combinations of actions to maximize credit scores
  • Pinpoints top positive and negative factors, as well as related tradelines
  • Finds the most cost-effective actions to achieve desired score improvement
More info on credit score improvement with CreditXpert EssentialsTM >

CreditXpert What-If Simulator is Credit Scoring Simulator

CreditXpert What-If SimulatorTM

  • Tests potential score impact of various scenarios
  • Allows you to safely test options—before you take action
  • Enables you to customize or use predefined scenarios
More info CreditXpert What-If SimulatorTM,
the most powerful credit score simulator on the market >

With the CreditXpert Solution Suite you get outstanding results—more applicants approved, better terms offered and more loans closed.
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