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Customers tell the Advantage Credit story best

How many times have you taken the time to write or call a company because you are happily surprised by its service?

Advantage customers experience old-fashioned friendliness and proactive problem-solving by our expert service, sales and technical teams. That's one reason why most new Advantage Credit customers first hear about Advantage through existing customers. And why many customers take time out of their busy day to tell us how much this helpfulness means to them.

Some recent emails:

"I'd like to send a heartfelt thank-you to you for hiring such a fantastic employee as Ryland. Her experience and knowledge of the credit industry goes beyond words. It is truly amazing what she has taught me, and I'm an eight-year veteran in the lending industry. She is dedicated and extremely timely with her responses. I will continue to work with her for the long term."

Hector O. Palalay,
Carteret Mortgage Corp.
Virginia Beach, VA

"I wanted to take the time to commend and report to you the outstanding and absolutely stellar customer service that Blondie provided me with today. She made the impossible happen, and in short order. Without her help I would have lost over $7,000 in spread today.

It's the little things that make the difference, but in some cases, like this one, it's the really big things that count.

I can't express in type how incredibly pleased I am with my dealings with Advantage. This is the second time in a short period that I felt compelled to commend individuals within Advantage that I felt had gone above and beyond the call of duty, and I have pretty high standards. Thanks for making Advantage the only logical choice for my massive credit needs."

Erik Ebert
Pacific One Mortgage, Inc.

"You guys make us look good and for that I thank you! I would also like to let you know how much we appreciate your colleague, Barry, He is a real testament to your organization and we are sure glad to have him as part of our team."

Dave McGovern
Mortgage Express
Chicago, IL

"You are too awesome Vilma! Thank you again! You take everything in stride including taking the time to walk me through things when I have questions. You always get my reports to me quickly and are great with following up. I appreciate your help!"

Angelica S. Brenson
Homegold, Inc.
Roseville, CA

"Antonia is a great find. I wish everyone I worked with would take that level of responsibility toward the task at hand. Thanks for providing a high quality representative like Antonia on the other end of the telephone. I will willingly share my experience with other Allied branches."

Frederick Hicks
Allied Home Mortgage Capital Corporation

"I just used the rapid rescore [Accurate Credit] for a client and couldn't be happier with both the process and the results. I got great advice from Angie Johnson and the process was really easy—it will result in my customer obtaining the 100% financing she really deserves. Thanks for a great service!"

Viki Morales
Lakeview Financial Services, Inc.
Lake Geneva, WI

"I wanted to write to let you know how pleased I have been in working with one of your customer service reps, Camishia. Camishia is not only pleasant and competent at her job, but she is a great listener and seems to truly have the customer's best interest at heart. She has assisted me three times in correcting errors on credit reports. Of course, she hasn't been able to fix things that were unfixable, but she tried to give me alternatives in those instances. Camishia also seems to truly understand the fact that some corrections need to be done ASAP. She has really been flexible in the cases that needed a quick turnaround.

Overall, I enjoy working with her and she has been extremely competent and timely in everything she has done for me. In these very busy times in the mortgage business, it is rare to find those traits."

Susan P. Sipple
Creative Real Estate Solutions, Inc.
Greenwood Village, CO

"I just wanted to let someone know how much we appreciate Peggy over here.

I started working with Peggy when i first came here almost a year and a half ago. Every time I call Peggy is pleasant to talk to. She always has a smile and a "How can I help you". She is always prompt about returning calls and emails, which is important to us with you guys being on the East coast and us being on the West coast. It is also very important in our 'need everything done yesterday, have no time' business. Whenever I get stuck on something, I give Peggy a call and know that she can either take care of it and/or send me in the right direction to get it taken care of. Her prompt service has saved more loans at the end of the month than I care to count when the lender needed a last minute update to credit, etc.

I also will let you know this is not just me; everyone I talk to here—Jen, Sue, Heidi, etc., who between themselves have had a lot of experience with different lenders & mortgage companies they have worked for, they all also say that Peggy is unlike anyone we have ever worked with. That is an awesome thing. The slang out here in CA would be that Peggy is 'da bomb' . Thanks to her from the bottom of our hearts."

Debbie Zsoka
Home Equity Solutions

"Thank you for taking the extra time in getting me set up with Advantage Credit. Everyone has been extremely helpful. In fact, I don't know how I worked with [previous credit company]. You missed out on the first 2 credit reports due to my appraiser being hard to get on the ball. I ran one Sunday but it missed a bureau though I did everything right. I thought I was having a flashback. I called and they told me it was NOT MY ERROR. CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT? They fixed it instantly over the phone.

Today I will need the service of adjusting someone's credit since they have a couple of derogs, but I have the letters to prove they should come off. So I look forward to using that. I ran the second and third reports and imported them into Point yesterday flawlessly. I was able to write $1.2 million in loans yesterday without worrying about the credit reports coming in or fooling around with missed bureaus.

The system is wonderful. The people are tops. I can't thank you enough but I will through recommendations! I will send them to you directly."

Steve Maurer
San Diego Financial
Carlsbad, CA

Find out for yourself why Advantage customers tell us their experiences so readily--contact us for more information or become a customer now.

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