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Credit reporting services for realtors

Bring more deals to fruition with Advantage's credit-related tools and services. From helping clients improve credit scores to qualify for more home, to online AVM appraisals and tenant screening products for property managers, Advantage Credit helps build your business.

Accurate Credit: Rapid Rescore services for credit report errors

Credit reports can contain errors, chiefly due to creditors reporting account data incorrectly. When your customers apply for a mortgage and discover credit report errors, Advantage can correct those errors in just 3-10 business days with appropriate documentation.

The Accurate Credit Rapid Rescore™ service is available through Advantage Credit mortgage brokers and prompts a score recalculation, often clearing the way for financing. When one correction has the power to change a score by as many as 50 points in some cases, it makes sense to have this service available for deals on the verge of falling through due to credit.

Accurate Credit is available only to Advantage Credit customers. Contact us for an Advantage Credit mortgage broker in your area or for more information on rapid correction services for credit report errors. You can also become a customer if you are a licensed mortgage loan originator, or a realtor pulling credit for tenants/property management purposes (see below).

Please note that due to FCRA rules, tenant reports do not qualify for Accurate Credit; customers must be in the mortgage loan application process. For details about other ways to correct credit report errors, see the FAQs for Borrowers in the Consumer Resources section.

Home Price Evaluation reports (AVMs) on your website

When asked, "What do home sellers generally do first?" in a recent Inman Pulse online poll, 67% of respondents chose "Figure out the value of their current home." Advantage Credit's Automated Valuation Model reports can help you capitalize on this reality and increase your listings.

These reports are the same high quality Basis 100™ electronic appraisals that many lenders use to approve refinance loans.

See a sample Home Price Evaluation report here.

Credit reports for tenant screening

Advantage Credit brings the same great speed and ease of ordering to tenant screening services that mortgage brokers enjoy. Many real estate agents also manage property; for a tenant credit check or tenant background check delivered online in seconds.


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